Crocs have changed my life and I hope they change yours too

Everyone has an opinion these days. My opinion is that Crocs are without a doubt the biggest development regarding footwear over the past 1000 years. It's a bold claim I know and many of you will be skeptical but my aim is to open your eyes and make you see Crocs from a whole new perspective. 

Shoes are defined as “a covering for the foot, typically made of leather, having a sturdy sole and not reaching above the ankle”. I am not here to argue that we don't need shoes as that would be silly. We all need protection from walking across stony beaches, hot tarmac and mud. The major issue with current shoes is the complete lack of versatility, durability, waterproofing and most importantly, style. 

Let’s start with the simple stiletto. It was invented somewhere between the 1940s and 1950s, being named after the stiletto dagger. This type of shoe is possibly the worst type of shoe. Firstly, there is the issue of comfort - no animals have evolved to walk on their toes. Secondly, is the complete lack of versatility. When buying a new pair of shoes I always ask myself the question, will I be able to wear these in the sea? You probably could wear them in the sea but your £90 investment would quickly be ruined. 

Moving onto sandals, these are my second favorite type of shoe and I would go as far to say they share much of their genetics with the mighty Croc. Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and Ghengis Khan have two things in common, firstly is that they were all conquerors, secondly they all wore sandals. It is highly unlikely that these two are unrelated. Sandals hold the foot in a sturdy position, allowing for plenty of airflow and are very stylish. There are only two issues with sandals, you can't wash them in the dishwasher and if you wear socks with them all of your freshly earned street credit swiftly goes out of the window.

There are a range of different leather shoes from Oxfords to Loafers to Piss catchers, due to the sheer number I am going to bunch these all into one category of “crap shoes”. I rarely sit on the tube and admire peoples crap shoes like I do with crocs. We are now living in the 21st century with millions of people flying around the world on jet aircraft, billions being connected to the internet and I simply can't get my head around why people are still using such outdated measures for foot protection. 

Trainers are a tricky one for me. Usain Bolt wears trainers and he is a class bloke, but so does Piers Morgan… In an ideal world trainers should only be allocated to those that truly need them, Athletes and Mathletes. With Crocs you always know what you are getting, but with trainers every man and his chiwawa seem to be falling for ever more bullshit marketing campaigns, I also think a major overlooked issue is the fact that trainers have been getting taller and taller over the past few years. I overheard someone calling this phenomenon platforming the other day. Just stop it, you look ridiculous.

The Corona Pandemic is currently gripping the whole globe and doctors, nurses and healthcare workers have swiftly become an inspiration to billions. The underrated backbone of modern society can often be found wearing crocs due to their comfort, slip on slip off capabilities, grip, washability and durability. The time has come to stop buying crappy shoes peddled by celebrities on instagram and take note from the real heroes. 

The climate crisis is also one of the major issues facing society and people love to shout about it. During the recent extinction rebellion protests in London I witnessed many of the protestors wearing branded Nike and Adidas shoes etc, The economic damage that these shoes do is immense from the extraction of raw materials, to the intense manufacturing effort, to the environmental and ecological damage that shipping causes. Whilst crocs are not recyclable they are vegan, lightweight and long lasting. The typical person has 8 pairs of shoes. With crocs you just need 1 pair that you can use to exercise, shop, swim, run, work, dance…. You get the picture.  

Finally it is worth noting that Crocs get a bad rep for their unique take on design and they are often at the forefront of memes. Bicycles were initially unpopular in the 1900s in America where the Washington Post mentioned that “two wheels are doomed” who's laughing now?. There are more than 30 unique Croc designs meaning you could wear a new pair every day, they are totally customisable with jibittz, you can wear them as a slip on or as a sturdy shoe with the heel strap and it is totally acceptable to wear socks with them on cold days.

Crocs have changed my life and I hope they change yours too.


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