Tedspresso - Black holes

Tedspresso - Ted talks condensed into a page of digestible information. If you like what you read, the link to the full talk is at the bottom of the page.

Inside the black hole image that made history | Sheperd Doeleman

Length - 11:29

Key takeaways -

  • Black holes are incredibly difficult to image.

  • Shepherd uses telescopes from all over the world to detect light waves emitted from black holes.

  • The telescopes are synchronised using atomic clocks and once the light data is received, it is then stitched together to create an image.

  • Take a look at the image captured below, it was the first time in history an image of a black hole has been captured.

Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyMtsyzXWd4

Quotes -

“If you want a global telescope, you need a global team” - Shepard Doeleman

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