Tedspresso - Ocean Noise

Tedspresso - Ted talks condensed into a page of digestible information. If you like what you read, the link to the full talk is at the bottom of the page.

The dangers of a noisy ocean - and how we can quiet it down | Nicola Jones

Length - 13:03

Key takeaways -

  • People usually associate marine pollution with plastics, toxic chemicals and ocean acidification, ocean noise is a type of pollution that often gets ignored

  • Ocean noise can cause chronic stress, physical injury and affect marine life’s ability to find mates and food

  • Ocean noise comes from shipping, ocean surveys, drilling and infrastructure projects

  • It is estimated that every decade ocean noise intensity doubles

  • Some species can adapt, although this is much less likely for endangered species and could push them over the edge into extinction

  • Unlike the complex solutions to climate change, reducing ocean noise is relatively simple and the effects of reducing noise are immediate. The international maritime organisation has pledged to cut shipping emissions 50% by 2050, and using more energy-efficient ships usually equals quieter ships

  • On the whole, most waters remain completely unregulated, although there is a lot of political momentum and research going on regarding the issue

Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNQfoYm3WI0

Quotes -

‘Ship traffic, sonar and seismic air gun blasts now planned for offshore energy exploration may be disrupting migration, reproduction and even the chatter of the seas’ - NY Times


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