Tedspresso - Screen Usage

Tedspresso - Ted talks condensed into a page of digestible information. If you like what you read, the link to the full talk is at the bottom of the page.

Why screens make us less happy | Adam Altar Length | 9:29

Key takeaways -

  • Screens are miraculous in a lot of ways and have improved our ability to communicate and digest information

  • We use screens now more than ever before and it is replacing our limited and valuable personal time

  • We spend most of our screen time on apps that don’t make us happy such as social media, news, dating, gaming and web browsing

  • There are no stopping queues with current technology which is why it’s so addictive, an example is bottomless social media pages

  • Switching screens off once in a while has been proven to improve mental health and wellbeing

Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K5OO2ybueM

Quotes -

“Social media creates an illusion of connectivity” - Malay Shah


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