Tedspresso - The Deep

Tedspresso - Ted talks condensed into a page of digestible information. If you like what you read, the link to the full talk is at the bottom of the page.

This deep-sea mystery is changing our understanding of life | Karen Lloyd

Length - 13:08

Key takeaways -

  • There is a vast living microbial biosphere covering the earth's oceans

  • Thousands of species of microbes have been found and there are trillions more to be discovered

  • Once they are brought to the surface, it is impossible to grow them in lab conditions

  • The microbes live on tiny energy gradients and replicate and grow over thousands and hundreds of thousands of years

  • We could potentially harness the power of these microbes and use them in a range of applications , e.g using them to increase the shelf life of biomedical compounds and mimicking their characteristics in cancer cells to slow cell division

Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbgB2TaYhio

Quotes - “what seems like a day to them might be a thousand years for us” - Karen Lloyd


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